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The Warchief is not only fast at 222 mph and an impressive time of 6.4 seconds, but it looks amazing too. A custom 1971 Mustang body, with a histroic custom paint job inspired by Team owners David and Edna's rich historic past, this car is purely a touch of perfection. Which is why we at RPM Racing products are proud to support the Warchief Race Team and honoured that they trust our products on such a piece of art. Now you can bring the same products as this amazing race team into your garage to protect and clean your beloved vehicle.


This kit includes:

2 - Wash N Wax 1 Litre

2 - RTU Multipurose Spray Cleaner 500mL

2 - Plastic & Tire Shine 500 mL

1 - Tru Shine Waterless Car Wash & Detail Spray 500 mL

1 - Goggle, Lense, & Visor Cleaner 500 mL

2 - Blue General Purpose Microfibers

1 - Green Glass Microfiber

Warchief Track Essentials

SKU: RPM-0076
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