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Privacy Policy

Welcome to the RPM Racing Products privacy policy.

Here at RPM Racing Products we are committed to protecting the privacy of the data and information we hold about you.

This policy is to demonstrate and provide our customers and website users information on our strong commitment to protect the privacy and personal data in compliance with the current data protection laws.

This privacy policy will outline your statutory rights and how RPM Racing Products collects and uses your data. It will provide an outline of how we at RPM Racing Products process your information and the purpose of which it is used, and the legal bases that RPM Racing Products relies on for processing the activities.

This website is not intended for use of children and we do not knowingly collect data relating to children. For more information please visit our Age Restrictions in Terms & Conditions.

It is important that you read this privacy policy to understand the process of why and how RPM Racing Products are using and collecting your personal data.

You should also read our Terms of Sale which apply to all sales of our goods or services.

Changes to the privacy policy and your duty to inform us of changes

Our privacy policy is under constant review for any changes that may be applicable. This version was updated on February 26, 2021. Previous versions (if any) are available upon request. To request previous versions, please email us at .


It is important to keep your personal data we hold current, accurate and updated as necessary to maintain the best possible customer service between you and RPM Racing Products.

Third-Party Links

From time to time our website may offer third-party links/websites, plug-ins, and applications. By clicking on those links or enabling those connections, it may allow third-parties to collect and share data about you. We do not control the third-party content or software used to collect personal data. Once you leave our website, we encourage you to read and understand the privacy policy of the third-party or websites that you visit as we are responsible for their privacy policy's or data collection.

Company Information

RPM Racing Products are the sole rights to Precision Chemical Manufacturing Ltd. Precision Chemical Manufacturing Ltd are the controller for all your personal data held by RPM Racing Products. We are a company registered in Canada and under number 104288493.

We at RPM Racing Products are committed to protecting any and all personal information that you provide to us and believe that it is important for you the user to know how we handle your personal information.

Should you have any questions related to the data collection or the privacy policy below you can contact us by email at or by postal mail at:

RPM Racing Products

C/O Precision Chemical Manufacturing Ltd

16671 - 113 Avenue NW

Edmonton, AB  T5M 2X2


Types of Personal Data Collected:

Here are the types of personal data we collect and subsequently what the data is used for:

  • Your contact details: information that allows us to contact you directly such as your name, phone number, email address, and addresses associated to your account or order.

  • Account Information: information about your account with RPM Racing Products including login information for our websites and mobile applications, marketing preferences, complain details, and purchases made.

  • Transaction and Payment information: Credit/Debit card details and bank account details you provide to make payments for the good or services you purchase from RPM Racing Products.

  • Purchase and Account History: records and information related to the goods or services which you have purchased or used from us.

  • Records of discussions with our customer support teams, including webchat, and emails: when you share comments or opinions with us, ask questions or make a complaint we will keep records of this. This includes when you send emails, phone our support team or contact us via webchat or through social media such as through Facebook, or Instagram.​

  • We use cookies to help determine which of our ads are shown to you on other websites (subject to cookie preferences). We collect this data when you use our website, social media and collect information about the pages you look at and how you use them.

  • Your IP address or smartphone may tell us the approximate location of when you connect to our websites or social media. However it will be no more precise than the city, province/state, or country you are using the device in.

  • The information about the computer hardware and software on your computers and smartphones that is used to connect to our websites or social media accounts.

  • Advertising, Marketing & Promotions: information about how you respond and interact with any direct advertising, marketing or promotional communications directed to you and your business, including requests to stop these communications.


  • Exercising your rights: if you exercise any of your statutory rights under the personal information protection act and data protection laws of CANADA, we will keep record of this and how we respond. 

​You are not obligated to share any of your personal information or data described above, however, if you do not, you may not be able to purchase our goods and services or the functionality of our website may be restricted.

What We Do With Your Personal Information and Data

We use the personal information we collect from you for all businesses purposes including to deliver our goods or services to you, to process orders, maintain your account (including pricing, quality assurance purposes, and handling any complains). We use your data to verify transactions and anti-fraud checks, take payments for goods and services rendered and debt collection. To deliver service communications including but not limited to invoices, order status, exports documentation, as well as shipping and logistical documentation. We will also log your personal information with any complaints or warranty issues that you may make. 

The personal data that you provide to us may be used for investigation into any misuse of your account , crime or fraud associated with your account. Your personal data may be used to aid in law enforcement agencies, and other public authorities.


The personal information and data you provide to us will be used to help with the general maintenance of our websites and social media, to make improvements, fix technical issues, speed up future visits and management and auditing for our accounting department. Personal data collected can be used to personalize and recommend products and services that may be of interest to you, personalize delivery of goods and services, and record the credit status of your account if you do not pay us on time or if you do not pay balance on your account.

Personal information and data may be used in direct marketing if you have consented to receive such marketing and promotional materials. However, we will never send direct marketing or promotional information if you have opted out of receiving direct marketing,  or promotional information. 

We use your personal data to further maintain the accuracy of your account, for the establishment, exercise or defense of legal claims, and to assist law enforcement and other public authorities. The information provided will be based on the enquiry and limited to what is necessary to achieve a adequate resolution of the request.

RPM Racing Products does not, and will not, ever sell your personal information or data for monetary or other valuable consideration.

Sources of Collected Personal Information and Data

We collect personal information from the following sources: Directly from you via our websites, applications, social media, postal mail, email, surveys, message boards, or by other means;

Our service providers, companies we are partnered or affiliated with, credit and anti-fraud reference agencies, third-party which includes analytics and insight providers and other website and mobile applications, online advertising partners, and other data suppliers.

Who We Share Personal Data With

We may share personal data with the following categories of third-parties:

  • Companies associated with the same group of Companies as RPM Racing Products. (ie Precision Chemical Manufacturing Ltd.)

  • Any third-party that was approved by you

  • Advertising partners

  • Third-parties in the event of any reorganization, merger, sale, joint venture, assignment, transfer or other disposition of all or any portion of our business assets

  • Credit and anti-fraud agencies

  • Third-parties that help us run our business including marketing companies, IT Companies, Consultants, and delivery companies.

  • law enforcement and public authorities

Direct Marketing and Advertising

Only information you provide to us will be collected with signing up for direct marketing and advertising. You will have access to our privacy policy and cookie policy that are provided on our website and mobile applications. You will be able to opt out or unsubscribe from direct marketing and advertising at any time. 

Your Privacy Rights (Personal Information Protection Act, PIPA - Alberta, Canada)

Collection and consent

Types of consent

Before collecting personal information, an organization must usually:

  • get a person’s consent

  • collect the information directly from that person


A person can consent to the collection, use or disclosure of personal information for reasonable purposes (which is what a reasonable person would consider appropriate under the circumstances).

Someone may consent verbally or in writing, including via electronic communications.

Someone is ‘deemed to consent’ if he or she, without actually giving consent, voluntarily provides the information to the organization and it is reasonable for that purpose. This is also called ‘implied consent’.

Someone can also consent if they do not ‘opt out’ in a reasonable time when he or she receives clear and understandable notification and is given a reasonable opportunity to decline by the organization.

Even if an organization gets consent, it can only collect, use, or disclose personal information for the purposes provided in the notice and to the extent reasonable for that purpose. An organization may not provide false or misleading information in its notice.

Withdraw or change consent

Individuals have the right to withdraw or change their consent, subject to legal limitations. As soon as an organization is notified of this, the organization must inform the individual of the likely consequences it they are not obvious.

If a person changes his or her consent, the organization must abide by the new terms of consent. If the person withdraws his or her consent the organization must stop collecting, using or disclosing his or her personal information immediately.


Collect with consent and notice

An organization can ask for a person’s consent to collect, use or disclose his or her personal information for reasonable purposes. In most cases, the organization must collect the personal information directly from that person.


Before or while collecting the information, the organization must:

  • give notice that it intends to collect personal information and provide the purposes for the collection

  • give the name, position or title of the person who is able to answer the individual’s questions


The organization must give the person a reasonable opportunity to decline his or her consent.

Collect without consent

In some cases an organization may collect personal information about someone without his or her consent.

An organization can only collect personal information without consent if:

  • it is clearly in the person’s interests, and

    • that person’s consent cannot be obtained in a timely way, or

    • that person would not reasonably be expected to withhold consent

  • there is a legal authority for the collection

    • it is authorized by a statute of Alberta or Canada, a regulation of Alberta or Canada, a bylaw of a local government body, or a legislative instrument of a professional regulatory organization

    • it is in accordance with a form provided under a statute or regulation of Alberta

  • it is for an inspection or audit

    • if the audit is either of or by the organization and is authorized by a statute or regulation of Alberta or Canada

    • if it is by another organization and it is not practical to collect non-identifying information for the purpose of the audit

  • it is reasonable for the purposes of an investigation or legal proceeding

  • it is to collect or pay a debt

    • it is necessary to collect a debt owed to the organization

    • it is necessary to pay a debt owed by the organization to the person​

Contacting us

Should you have any privacy related questions or comments, please contact RPM Racing Products via email or postal mail.

  • Email:, subject "Privacy Policy"

  • Postal Mail: RPM Racing Products, Attn. Human Resources, 16671 - 113 Avenue NW, Edmonton, AB T5M 2X2 Canada


If you are in anyway unsatisfied with ​the way we are using your personal data you can also contact the Personal Information Protection Act help desk. Should you have any complaints, we encourage you to contact us first so that we may assist in the resolution of your complaint quickly and efficiently.

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