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Multipurpose Spray Degreaser conc 16 pack 8oz (236mL) $122.99

Multipurpose Spray Degreaser Conc. 8 oz (236mL) $8.99

Multipurpose Spray Degreaser

Quickly and easily cuts through stuck on grime, carbon dust, and baked on engine oil. Safe on plastic, rubber, aluminum, chrome, titanium, magnesium, metal surfaces, carbon fibre, and more. Can be used on MX and MTB, ATV, UTV, Boats, RV's & Trailers, Snowmobiles, and all other on and off road vehicles. Available in 8 oz concentrate, or 32 oz Ready to Use.

  • Biodegradable
  • Non Corrosive
  • Safe on all metal, plastic and carbon fibre parts

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