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Precision chemical manufacturinG ltd

As the parent company we have been in business for over 38 years. A Canadian owned and operated company that started in the janitorial and industrial cleaning market and branched out into the automotive and Oilfield sectors. For more information please visit our website here.


Mission statement 

It all started with a simple idea, I wanted a product that was safe on all my race components that would actually clean. That's where I came up with the RPM product line, I am third generation in the chemical manufacturing industry, and continue to help run our parent company Precision Chemical Manufacturing Ltd. With 3 generations of knowledge we were able to come up with a product line that is safe for race components, bikes (mountain, and Motocross), RV's, snowmobiles, and all other off-road toys. If you are like me, then you most likely want to protect your investment, and have it looking and running like new each and every time you head out. Whether for a fun ride with the family or lining up at the gate each weekend, we can help with the full RPM product line.

About us

seven1 racing


Started as a hobby in 2013, we now sponsor 4 riders and have a total of 21 sponsors for the 2016 season. For more information visit us  here.